About Us

Our Story

Marcus started this company to help home as well as small business users with all their IT related problems. He is always willing to help wherever he can, Marcus will never say no even if it’s a real challenge as this is what drives him forward.

Marcus has one goal for his company and this consists of two variables, his vision for Tera Meg IT Solutions as well as the Mission he has set in place. With these two combined we firmly believe we can achieve success.

A little bit about us as a company.

What can we tell you what we do? Well we can offer you as a home user or a small
business entity an IT support and service package, we can work remotely and fix some issues you may have been experiencing or it allows us to assess the problem/s so that when we come out to you we are prepared. We will service or repair your computer or laptop if it’s not working so smoothly like it used to.

Not only do we offer IT support and services but we also offer financial services, we will assist you in getting your books up to date and ready for submissions. Enquire with us today about our financial services.