Cyber Security

Your online world protection

You may have heard of computer viruses and we know that they can be harmful or even a nuisence, however in the online world that we all live in lies a greater threat andits easy to catch and makes things worse for the computer user. We call this threat Ransomware.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of maliscious software that locks a user out of their computer or laptop and holds the data you have as a hostage asking the user to pay money in order to unlock their pc. However you may be willing to pay however there is no guarentee that you get the data back.

What can I do to prevent getting Ransomware?

We use and work with two great security softwares such as Eset & Kaspersky that not only does virus protection, it also does safe browsing and email scans but also has an algorithim that protects you from this huge threat, By using either one of these you can rest easy and stay safe while being connected to the digital world. Contact us today for a quote for protecting your personal computers or your work computers.